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Acavallo s.r.l. is a family-owned company with its head office in Lonato on Lake Garda and its own production facilities in southern Italy. All the members of the owning family have been closely associated with equestrian sport for generations as riders and breeders.

It is precisely this equestrian sport background, the passion for horses and the well-founded technical know-how of the engineers and designers working at Acavallo which enable the company to develop a constant stream of new, high-quality and therefore extremely horse-friendly equestrian sports products. The large number of patents which have been granted underlines the high innovation and quality standards of the Acavallo designers, who have identified completely new approaches, e.g. with the combination of gel and natural materials such as sheepskin or wool or by using the sweat-absorbing Drilex® for their saddle cushions (“seat savers”), and will no doubt continue to surprise us with even more innovations for the benefit of horse and rider. For example, the launch of a collection of novel gel-filled plastic girths with anatomically formed inner padding and a patented martingale clip is planned for summer/autumn 2014, which will revolutionize this market sector.

As a result of the close contact with various top international riders, notably dressage icon Charlotte Dujardin, as well as with insiders in the constantly growing, discerning leisure rider scene, new developments come into being from practical use for practical use, which are often only released for production after long-term testing and trial phases and are manufactured in accordance with European standards and directives. In this respect, the quality and compatibility of all the materials used (non-irritant, anti-allergen, non-toxic) are given top priority as is the quest for continuous improvement, which is supported by regular feedback from an international network of dealers and guarantees the customer the best value for money.